Friday, June 4, 2010

The Canyon that intimidated Me!

This is me, working my earnest with kettle bells with a great trainer, QN, who keeps me motivated, not by guilt, but by reminding me of my worth, of my value, of my family and how I want to keep up with them. He also motivates me by reminding me of his worth, of how he does not just pick up any client, only those who value themselves to work themselves to a higher level of wellness and a better quality of life. His work ethic is legendary, he walks in on time, and works us to a full sweat at the end of an hour!
The 25 pound kettle bell I am holding for strength and endurance training, two weeks ago. Now, I am doing a 35 pound kettle bell for strength, and still 25 pound for endurance training, with short 30 second rest.
Wildflowers at the top greet me when I get to the peak of the canyon! I could not reach the peak of this canyon three months ago. I felt like my jaw would drop as I could not breathe as I walked uphill. Now, I can walk uphill, still with some difficulty, but not with jarring headaches, and not with a chest about to burst. Now, I know what it feels to be fit, to have stamina to reach the top! That is what a winner does, overcome challenges, step by step, until the peak is reached. Just so you know, this blog memorializes what I am doing for my health, and also to join the national program started by the First Lady of the United States, called " Let's Move Program."
Runners and Joggers that I have left in the dust! I never thought I can get to this point in my life, overcome obstacles, overcome my fear of heights, in favor of being outdoors, sweaty, and enjoying the beauty of Los Angeles' canyons and hills. I am so grateful to God when I reach the top! Why? Years ago, I could not even get to half of this canyon, without feeling like my lungs would burst, but after working out with kettle bells with an incredible trainer, I am making so much progress, it is so so motivating!
Yellow wildflowers - they symbolize the rising sun, hope for change, just like the colors of the Liberal Party, of our soon to be installed President of the Philippines, NoyNoy Aquino!

Victory, I reached the peak, the top, and I had a clear view of the city or somewhat smoggy view of the city. My shirt reads Health Care Reform, check!


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